I am a recent graduate with a BA Youth Work degree who went to Coventry solely to get a degree however gained so much more, Salvation.

Coventry is the special place where God pursued me, and saved me whilst I was lost.

The idea to start my own blog was placed in my heart recently to share revelations and my struggles in my walk of a newborn christian striving to be a true representative of Christ.

Lord may you bless every person who comes across this blog, help us all to illuminate the gifts and talents you have placed in each and everyone of us. May you deliver them from any strongholds in their life stopping them from being the person you created. Soften all of our hearts and place a new song there. Help us to understand the depths of your love for us and to place a desire in our hearts to serve the one true Living God. Strengthen them to carry out all the endeavors you have placed in their hearts, free them from the pressure to be what you have not created, bring them to greater heights in their relationship with you. Help them to decrease and for you to increase in their lives. In Jesus Name Amen

Thank you for viewing my site and thank you for being apart of this new chapter, feel free to comment!!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for sharing & allowing me to connect with your story Karissa! An easy read & very inspiring. Keep up the good work X x


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